Unless you are living in some other world, you might have by now realised that Apple announced its third generation iPad on March 7, 2012 in an highly publicised event. The event, although sans Steve Jobs, garnered much attention in the blogosphere, twitter-o-sphere and just about everywhere; probably due to the iconic status of the Apple brand.

Similarly, I was excited to see Tim Cook introduce the iPad 3 (or iPad HD) – but that’s not what happened on March 7th. In fact, what happened was completely unexpected. The third generation iPad was called ‘the new iPad’, causing plenty of confusion amongst everyone – much to the rage of tech enthusiasts like myself. This was the first time in Apple history that a product was not named in the logical order. Come on, Tim & Co., you certainly haven’t made Steve proud by actually giving no name to the iPad. At least iPad 2S would have done some good, but that’s not what happened and this confusion is now stitched into tech history. It seems like Post-Steve, Apple has been trolling us on product names. The last time such thing happened was the iPhone 4S, just when we though it’d be iPhone 5. Ha!

But just when you begin to think the name is what’s stopping me from getting the third generation iPad, then you’re in for some more surprise. Before you go any further, let me remind you that the ‘new iPad’ is certainly better than the iPad 2, but I believe it’s not good enough to make me buy it until iPad 3 (which hopefully will be called iPad 3). So, let’s get to the point; here are the top 5 reasons I am not getting the new iPad:

1. The retina display: Okey, it’s good. Infact, it’s amazing but then I wouldn’t want to ditch my iPad 2 for just the retina display.

2. 5 MP iSight Camera: Honestly, I am pretty disappointed with Apple not increasing the camera quality to 8 MP. The iPhone 4S already has the 8 MP camera.

3. Thicker and heavier: According to Walt Mossberg of the WSJ, the new iPad is 8% heavier and 7% thicker than the iPad 2. That’s not good.

4. Storage: Logically, I would have expected Apple to increase the storage. With great resolution come great file sizes! Got it?

5. Processor: Not a massive leap. MacWorld reports that  ”…The A5X processor that powers the third-generation iPad doesn’t really offer more processing power than its predecessor. In all our processor-based tests, the new iPad ran about as fast as the iPad 2.”

There you go, here were the top 5 reasons I am not getting the third generation iPad. I am happy to keep my iPad 2 for now until iPad 3 comes. Certainly, the iPad 2 is no better than the latest model, but it’s still good enough. The new iPad by Apple is like a precursor to some bigger things yet to come, similar to what they did to the iPhone 4S. I am sure something big is coming, and yes, I am talking about the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5; and I feel I’ll have to wait a little longer to get my hands on them!

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