The iPad 3 And The Secret Steve Jobs May Have Taken With Him Is About To Be Revealed:

 Did Steve Jobs take a secret with him to technology heaven? If so, he must be smiling down upon Apple, the company that he co-created and guided to become one of the biggest creators/sellers of personal computers, computer products, and consumer electronics on the planet. Many believe that Steve Jobs hinted at just such a secret not long before he passed away in October 2011 from complications of pancreatic cancer. For those of you who have only just awakened from a fifty-year coma, Steve Jobs is the recently deceased genius behind many of the Apple Company’s amazing products and was a wildly charismatic-if sometimes reluctant-spokesperson.

Apple has announced a March 7 event to unveil the much-anticipated iPad 3 and to reveal the secret behind their mysterious claim that it is something that you must touch. Rumor has it; they will also have a surprise… possibly the secret at which Steve Jobs reportedly hinted. Does this mysterious touch have something to do with it? Time will tell.

Some of the new features the iPad 3 may have incorporated or improved upon have already made it a hot selling item. When released to the market, sales will undoubtedly be staggering thanks to possible features like these, as projected on

  • Improved Camera: An improved camera built right into the face of the device will show your images in rich, magnificent color. With any luck, we are talking HD here.
  • Retina Display: Leave it to Apple to create a smaller pixel. They say that it is so small that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Density is the key to clarity. Is this what we can expect in the iPad 3?
  • Incredible Speed: Apple is rumored to have upgraded their iPad 2 quad-core A-5 to an incredible Quad-Core A5x chip (or will we see the A6?) and it is said that they have cracked the vanishing battery problem, giving the iPad 3 a longer life than its predecessors. Now that would be amazing!
  • With other new or improved features like 4G-LTE and Siri voice command the iPad 3 is going to blow your socks off without removing your shoes.

Secret or no, you have to admit that Steve Jobs still has influence over Apple despite his heartbreaking and untimely demise. When Apple released the news of its upcoming March 7 event, Apple stock soared to new heights in after-hours trading, bursting through the 500 billion dollar ceiling, and settling at 535 billion. This staggering rise is more than the combined confirmed reporting for Microsoft and Google. But that is not the big secret.

Rumor has it that Apple is going to release more than just the new iPad 3, which has a secret all its own. If you are familiar with the previous two versions of the incredible iPad, you may have noticed from the announcement image of the new iPad 3 that there is no home button anywhere to be seen. Could this be a significant clue? Say what you will about Apple marketing, you have to admit that they know how to be stunningly subtle, an oxymoron that describes the announcement and mystery that surrounds it to a tee.

So what else can we expect during the March 7 unveiling at 10am in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts? What might that big secret be? Rumor has it that Steve Jobs and team had cracked the elusive Television problems Apple has experienced and may just surprise us all with the release of Apple’s first super-sized set. The website 9to5Mac, a dot-com dedicated to Mac technology, also speculates that the big screen television, code named the “J33 Project” is going to have improved Apple technology like a supped up version of the duel-core ARM A5 processor. Can you say streaming 1080p video? Can you say Siri digital voice assistant? Will the ultimate mobile platform, Apple’s iOS-5, be involved?

Whether or not these rumors are true, one thing is certain, Steve Job’s presence will be missed. The March 7 Apple event is sure to have plenty of surprises and will undoubtedly be an affair that would have made Steve proud. The Apple iPad 3 has already left its mark on Apple’s stock to the tune of half a trillion and should be a huge success, a fitting tribute to the man who pioneered the world of consumer electronics.

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