LXML is a nice little document parser for lightweight and effective HTML/XML parsing without using regular expressions. The module can be installed with relative ease using pip and works for Python 2 and 3. Let’s get the token and expire form values from NYTimes site for an example.

Installation of LXML

# Install lxml using pip3
pip3 install lxml

# Verify it
pip3 list

Using LXML

# Import LXML parser
import lxml.html
import requests

# Use requests library to get the URL
htmlstr = requests.get('')

# Create an HTML tree
htmltree = lxml.html.document_fromstring(htmlstr.content)

# Use XPath to get Token value
for input_el in htmltree.xpath("//input[@name='token']/@value"):
 token_val = input_el

# Use XPath to get Expires value
for input_el_2 in htmltree.xpath("//input[@name='expires']/@value"):
 expires_val = input_el_2

# Printing it all out
print (token_val)
print (expires_val)


If all went well, you should see something like this on your terminal:


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