Responsive Web Design is becoming popular as we go mobile. It enables website layouts to appear differently on various devices, like desktop, notebook or mobile.  Responsive sites are like water, you put it into a container and it takes its shape – very flexible.

For example, this site, yes, the one you are on now, is responsive. Did you realize that before? Sure you must have if you have been reading Mr. Geek on your iPhone/iPad or other devices, but incase you haven’t, click this link. This is what a responsive site looks like – it basically responds to the varying screen resolution and adjusts itself to match the dimensions, gracefully and elegantly, without breaking up the content or the structure.

Today, we are going to look at a list of the 10 Responsive Websites you should take inspiration from.

1. Mashable

2. The Next Web

3. Read Write

4. Abduzeedo

5.  Harvard University

6. Time

7.  Starbucks

8. Mr. Geek

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