When I recently wanted to create a new Facebook timeline cover, I decided I would make one that complimented my profile picture. To do this I spent a long time measuring pixels and adjusting to get everything lined up. In order to save you the trouble, I decided to share my PSD template with readers of Mr. Geek.

You might want to create the illusion of one continuous image, or perhaps you just want to add some sparkles or a halo over your head. Just download the PSD file from this link -> <-, open it up in Adobe Photoshop, and then we can get started.

Unless you plan to start from scratch, you’ll need an existing image that matches the dimensions of the cover photo, which are 851×315 pixels. This way, it will appear exactly as you want. Once you have one, just follow the instructions contained in the PSD file. Note that you must hide the “instructions” group before saving, and your photo should go in the “your content” group just below the “your profile pic” layer.

The “your profile pic” layer indicates exactly where your profile/display picture will appear on Facebook. Therefore, you can add an outer glow or shadow directly to that light grey square and it will be in exactly the right spot. You can also replace that with your own 160×160 pixel image if you want that people will only see when they click to enlarge your cover photo—but make absolutely sure that it lines up with the original template.

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