According to a recent report from URL shortener, the best time to post updates on Twitter is Mondays between 1 and 3 PM, while for Facebook the optimal time is Wednesdays at 3 PM, Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5). 

In their research, they found that tweeting between those hours resulted in the most retweets and replies, especially earlier in the week. What the worst time to post? After 8PM Monday-Thursday and after 3PM on Fridays will result in the lowest interactions.

As for Facebook, it was found that 1-4 PM is the best overall time, with posts, likes and comments peaking at 3PM on Wednesday afternoons. According to the report, traffic on both social networks starts to pick up around 9AM, and most tweets and Facebook messages shouldn’t be sent out until around 11 AM to ensure visibility.

While people don’t seem to check Facebook and Twitter as much on Friday afternoons, it would appear they’re turning to Tumblr. So, if you want to reach people Fridays 4-7 PM (EST), that’s Tumblr’s peak time.

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