Are you a student in need of a summer job who loves to write code? Why not apply to Google? Every summer, in this highly competitive programme, Google brings young people from around the world together and pays them to write code for open source projects.

This benefits a lot of people, and really demonstrates what makes Google such a great community. Not only will all the young people involved have something amazing to add to their resumé, but so many open source projects will benefit from these young innovators who might not otherwise have enough time to devotw to such things.

Keep in mind that this is extreme competitive, so treat it like a real job and give the application process your full commitment. To get a head start, I’d suggest you go to Google+ Hangout on the G+ Students page April 2, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Pacific (California) Time, which is 6:30 PM Eastern Time (New York), or 11:30 PM GMT (London).

I’d also recommend that you pay close attention to their list of do’s and don’t's, as they will be key to your success.

For more info, see this Google blog entry.

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