How I earned 100 bucks in my first 10 days as a blogger?

To begin with, I would take this opportunity to thank all my loyal readers who have made this possible. Trust me, without you, it would not have been possible and with this said, I still need your continued support to help the Mr.Geek network grow.

My journey as a blogger has always been driven by sheer passion to share my knowledge with the world, for free. With this comes the opportunity to earn a few bucks on the side. Opportunity taken. While others used to criticise blogging as a potential source of revenue, other’s just thought of it is a fad, reminding me of those ‘mom earns 7000$ a month’ scam advertisements. Honestly speaking, I am not sure about those ‘moms earning off Google Ad-sense’ but I surely know it is possible and it has been done over and over again – and I’ve done it! I am sure my blogging idols M. Arrington and Pete Cashmore would agree.

I launched Mr.Geek ( on the 22nd of February 2012, building upon the technical and business work I had done over the past few weeks. I believe a ‘list’ would help you understand more about how I earned 100$ of Google AdSense in my 10 days as a blogger. If you want to kickstart you career as a blogger, remember these 4 key things in mind and you’ll never sway away from your goals.

1. Believe in yourself and focus: Believing in yourself is essential. If you are going to do something, forget what others say and focus. I am a tech-enthusiast, who simply loves technology and starting a tech blog came as a natural progression for me. If you love something, you can blog about it and there is a high probability you will be succesful at it. Remember, technology is my focus, for you, it might be something else like cricket, soccer, current affairs etc. By allowing your blog to be associated with a niche area, there is a good chance people would relate to your blog when they think about that area, and for my readers, its technology.

2. Go Social: You cannot expect your blog network to expand or scale on its own. You need to use the social media to expand its reach. For Mr.Geek, I utilized a couple of social media networks like Facebook (, Twitter ( and Google Plus ( I am looking forward to opening a Youtube channel when I find someone or find time to make videos. Keeping your options open is a classic example which leads to success. Try out new things. Don’t be afraid. But remember, dont take too many risks because it might hurt your blog’s brand value.

3. Content, Content, Content: I honestly don’t know how many times should I reinstate that without content, your blog will never live up to its potential, regardless of your dreams and visions. Content is what keeps a blog running. It’s the fuel behind the engine; and the better the fuel, the better the drive. It might seem obvious that creating quality content and posting (sharing on Social media) often gets more traffic and also satisfies Google. Yes. Google is the king, because if you are unable to satisfy Google’s latest search engine algorithm changes, you are at loss. Recently, Google Panda released a few changes in their search pattern, where they are now focusing on listing pages which have a) better content, b) related content, c) more often shared on social media. This has recently brought the demise of content farms which were earning of big bucks and their websites made no sense at all. You want to be earning money while keeping your blog clean of germs, i.e. keeping quality content and focusing on your specific niche.

4. Monetize your blog: This one was obvious. Wasn’t it? I made my 100 USD in just 10 days using Google Ad-sense. It’s one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog. Just go to and start finding out how you can use a Google account to place ads on your blog. I was a bit cheeky at first, getting clicks from friends but then Google eventually finds out, so it’s better you focus on creating content and then let Adsense do it’s work.

That’s it! There might be a zillion more ways to earn and at Mr. Geek, I am experimenting with a variety of techniques. I will follow up this post with another one discussing specific things as I expand my blog’s network. This is just the beginning. Remember, it takes a lot of perseverance and time to be a successful blogger, so come up with new topics, brainstorm, write, rewrite, revisit and then post. I would recommend all my readers and to-be bloggers to remain calm, focused and write on something you love and there is no way you won’t find success. Good luck. See you later.

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Hi. I am Ali Gajani. I started Mr. Geek in early 2012 as a result of my growing enthusiasm and passion for technology. I love sharing my knowledge and helping out the community by creating useful, engaging and compelling content. If you want to write for Mr. Geek, just PM me on my Facebook profile.