Hello world. I am giving out my first freebie today. What’s a freebie? By definition its ‘a thing given free of charge’. It is a collection of 240 fully high definition (HD) 1080p wallpapers. What are you waiting for? Click the big ole’ download button below. Oh and don’t forget to adhere to the Copyright laws as stated below.

The instructions to download the .zip file are simple. Just click it. If that doesn’t work, Right Click the link and choose Save Link As.Oh by the way, the file size is ~400MB, so if you aren’t patient enough, you can try killing some time here by clicking here :) .



The copyrights of the images contained in this “Bulk Download” are owned by
the original creator(s) of that content. The images distributed by the website/service are licensed only for PERSONAL use on computers,
mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and other personal electronic devices.

All other uses (whether or not for profit), including but not limited to
redistribution (with or without modification of the original work), the creation
of derivative works, and/or public display or performance are strictly
prohibited by law without additional written permission by the copyright

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