This is a summary of the important tips to keep in mind if you want to feel healthy on a daily basis. 

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The amount and quality of your sleep has an effect on the quality of your life, be it mentally, emotionally, or physically. It even accounts for a younger looking skin. The ideal amount of sleep for an adult is between 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep per night.


The idea that “breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day” is not a myth as it is in fact responsible for our energy levels throughout the day.  Skipping it will result in, low blood sugar levels, and less productivity. It will even cause you to gain weight as it may lead to a tendency towards high-sugar, high-fat foods for a quick energy boost.


Exercising on a regular basis gives you energy throughout the day, helps boost a positive mood, and reduces levels of depression and the risk of heart problems. Even if you can only exercise for 20 – 30 minutes five days a week, you will be doing your heart and your cardiovascular system a lot of good.


Go somewhere out of town on the weekends, and leave your usual environment. Going out in the nature means not only being away from all the smoke and harmful elements but also leaving stress behind. It’s a necessary activity for your brain to rest and function properly for next week.


Drink plenty of water to replace the fluid you lose each day and help the body disintoxicate by flushing out any harmful substances. Recommended amount is 8 glasses of each day.


Eating healthy means smaller meals more frequently and plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat versions of milk, fish, skinless poultry, lean red meats, dry beans, eggs, and nuts.


It’s impossible to totally eliminate stress but it can be reduced through techniques such as music or relaxation tapes and physical relaxation techniques such as Yoga. They will draw your focus away from your busy life, because your mind needs space.


Going outside everyday is important for your body as UVB wavelengths will start a chemical and metabolic chain reaction that produces vitamin D. Sun exposure will also help release the hormones responsible for good mood, thus reducing depression.  


Maintaining meaningful relationships and social interaction will help you stay mentally sharp. In fact socializing can help us remember more and think clearly. Researches show that low social support from friends and family is associated with chronic depression.

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