Are you looking for a challenging puzzle or a time-passing game? Check out the list of the top 5 games of 2016 from 188bet Vietnam(one of the fastest growing entertainment online business). Those games are also recommended by folks from Techradar.

The Room Three (£3.99/$4.99/AU$5.17)


The Room is a series of puzzle games full of mysteries taking place in a beautiful 3D world. Through the game, you will experience living in a brand new dimension that connects mesmerizing visuals and fascinating challenges. You’ll be given a chance to mess with a number of dials and switches which may have an effect elsewhere in the game. Soon you’ll find boxes and layers slowly unfold before you, just like a Russian dolls that keeps opening to reveal its hidden interiors.

If The Room Two provided players with different environments that are full of nerve-wracking moments, The Room Three is the broadest world with clever puzzles which you need to solve in order to escape from the hand of The Craftsman and his crazy full-of-pitfall island.

Start playing from the first game of the series and slowly reach the latest one, you will experience moments of fear yet excitement while trying to crack the code and reveal the mystery. The game is challenging, therefore it is totally understandable to watch walkthrough videos; or simply spend countless time with the vague clues given in games.


Train Conductor World (Free)


Someone out there must be feeling irritated having to wait for a late train to arrive; however you can forget that reality while immersing yourself in the Train Conductor World. Here, trains just move forward and don’t give a single care about the collisions ahead. You as a conductor have to guide them, steer the rail so that trains don’t hit each other while ensuring that they arrive at their assigned destinations.

The game requires a great sense of concentration, just like when you wake up from a few-second nap in Physics class and the board is full of mysterious equations; however it is an exciting way to spend your free time on, well, thinking!


Osmos HD ($2.99/£1.99/AU$2.27)


Osmos HD is, according to its developers, an ‘ambient arcade game’, which requires you to be patient and delicate. Here, you are a ‘mote’, moving by sacrificing part of yourself and munching on smaller motes to grow back. You’ll move on to the next level when you are the biggest mote.

Sound easy right? Yes, in the first few rounds. Later on you’ll find out that other motes are also trying to munch on each other and you are no exception. Try to survive and be the champion!

There are other modes and features, but give the game a try and discover them yourself!



Her Story ($2.99/£2.69/AU$3.99)


Ever want to be a detective, trying to solve the case through many interview footage of a woman who was charged with murder? The game acts like an interactive true criminal documentary.

You have to search through the database with many terms, watch the videos in which the woman say those terms and try to put together her story.

Her Story will bring you a whole new experience, an interactive movie, from start to end. The game will make even the least curious gamers grip until the case is brought to light.


Snakebird ($4.71/£3.74/AU$6.44)


The name is silly and the graphic looks childish; however Snakebird is one of the most brain-hacking puzzle games ever on Android.

The story is about those ‘birds’ living on clouds where they must crawl through in search for fruit. Help them think of a way to do that! Trust me, sometimes you’ll think how a level is so easy, but then you get stuck and there’s nothing you can do except for restarting.

Snakebird will bring you many moments of accomplishment after finishing a challenging level; other than that, you get to look at cute images an listen to weird noises from those ‘birds’.

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