Pinterest is one of a new breed of social networking sites that has taken the idea that sometimes it’s simpler to show than to tell.  The site is a virtual pin-board which allows users to display their objects of desire or their existing style choices, on the World Wide Web.  Unlike dinosaurs such as Facebook or TwitterPinterest is new, and the fickle world of internet-users just loves new stuff.  For those in business, riding the crest of the latest trend is an important part of any social media campaign strategy.  Pinterest has yet to prove itself as a long term trend but all the indications are that it’s likely to stay, so should you pin your business colours to this particular mast?

Pinning your presence

·        Pinterest users seem to wear the hearts on their sleeve and instant access to your potential customers’ desires is one thing that businesses have sought long and hard for over the years.  Pin boards on the site feature the stuff that people love, want, have or covet.  If you can fulfil those needs, you are potentially onto a winner in the sales race.  Pinterest is an interesting place to market your business because (shock horror) it doesn’t feature a direct shop facility.  Like all good social networking sites this is about raising your profile and getting people chattering about you, tentatively clicking on your site and then feverishly adding items to their cart.

·        It will cost only time to get a decent Pinterest presence up and running.  Time is an asset for all businesses, and it’s one that not all are willing or able to splash out on.  Any social media campaign requires a bundle of it, and it’s not one to try to cut corners on; the first rule of social media marketing is that if you’re not prepared to put a lot of time in then don’t expect to get much in the way of sales, or conversions, out.

·        Pinterest is a particular favourite amongst the female variety of web user.  There’s a heavy focus on interior design, recipes, craft and art.  The user profile is actually varied, but definitely weighted towards “girls”.  This could change, but at the moment if you’re selling cement mixers this may not be the place for you, unless they’re customised ones designed particularly to appeal to women.  Take a look around the site before deciding and if you think you’ve found a home for your niche.

·        Pinterest is a simple concept and a simple site; the overall site design is nice, clean and simple.  Try to keep your own board in the style to which Pinterest users are rapidly becoming accustomed, use images that are simple, attractive and not too cluttered.

·        You’ll notice that you’re not the only business on the site and it’s worth considering following firms that compliment your own.  For those in the interior design field this can be fairly easy and a little mutual appreciation can go a long way as you can build a following quickly in this way.  In the world of social media, it’s all about who’s following you and how cool that makes you look.

·        Pinterest is rapidly growing and it’s not the only site on this theme that’s appearing; like any social media site worth its salt it can be linked to other networks, Facebook, Twitter et al.  This is worth doing, as you can import your followers to Pinterest and, again, expand your following quickly this way.

The New Blogging?

Pinterest is a type of visual blogging and this sort of blogging seems to be growing rapidly.  Alongside growing coupon sites which have an element of social networking, this particular trend is one to watch, preferably closely and preferably from the inside.  However, look before you leap in this case and be sure your niche or products can fit well on the site.

A nice infographic (Source: Forbes)

Forbes Pinterest

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