“How do I start a gambling business? I mean. I know it’s rather profitable, but doesn’t it take a lot of investment? Isn’t it an insider field just for the ones who are already aware of every aspect of it?” 

You’ll be surprised, but I hear these very same questions on a day to day basis as a digital business consultant. And you know what? No! No, it’s not that hard to begin, no, the business does not require a fortune in investments and no, it’s not an elite club of sorts reserved to invited members only. You can have your very own casino within but several months. You can start making profit out of it within a year or less. All it takes is a little bit of effort and dedication.

Here are a few tips to amplify your chances for success even further.

Get a reliable software development vendor

Let’s face it, you will need people to rely on, especially when it comes to tech. Front-end and back-end development, design and software testing are all niches open to hardcore professionals alone.

When it comes to online casino software Evenbetgaming is the game software company I personally recommend. I’ve had nothing but successful business with these guys. But we are all different and you might not find them as your ultimate candidate. Whatever the case, here’s what you should look for in your software development vendor:

  • CMS and ERP systems available to manage your site and your workers without actually coding;
  • Efficiency in operations with multi-currency payment systems
  • Access to the vast majority of best known casino games
  • Customizable front-end solutions
  • A gambling license

That noted, a vendor meeting with all of these parameters pretty much covers every aspect of leading an online casino business for you.

Legal aspect

You will still require an efficient gambling license that works in your jurisdiction. Laws regarding casinos differ from country to country. Always remember that, regardless of your own country’s policies regarding this aspect, you should always keep your servers in those lands where these actions are allowed and regulated.

Here are a few options you should generally go for while claiming the license. You can get your business approved in Malta, Curacao. Alderney, Gibraltar or the Island of Man.


Having a casino site that’s running up and ready for all challenges is not enough! You will still require players to invest their time and money in gambling with you over the competition. This is, by far, the most expensive aspect of running an online casino. Link Building campaigns, SEO and PPC ads will eat up the lion’s share of your original budget. Be prepared for this and remember – the more you invest in marketing, the bigger is your return on investments

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