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Pressly, the TechCrunch Disrupt finalist which launched in November is an exciting new HTML5 platform which allows bloggers to ensure that their content is optimized for the tablet viewing experience.  However, unlike OnSwipe and Flipboard (both of which repackage website content as a native app), Pressly uses a combination of customisable templates and HTML5 to give bloggers and publishers much more control over their audience’s viewing experience when using a tablet.

The Power of Templates

Pressly launched with 5 templates and also gives publishers the option of creating their own templates.  This means that publishers can create a template that reflects their brand image – branding is a pretty powerful tool in this age of digital marketing.  Some of the templates are optimized for the reading experience while others are more suitable for viewing photos or videos.  Publishers also get the option of Pressly taking a cut of their advertising revenue or earning $1 per 1,000 swipes.

Publishers are able to integrate the functions of a traditional style website (including payment processes, advertising and analytics) because websites are HTML pages.


Pressly also has its own ad platform that can be used to include rich media ads into a tablet-friendly website – this can include links, images, videos, tracking mechanisms and social sharing buttons.  This will give Pressly the edge over other tablet-friendly services.  If you’re reading this on an iPad (or other tablet), then take a look at this demonstration of Pressly in action.

Pressly connects to online content sources including Twitter, RSS feeds and content management systems and automatically organizes the content into an HTML formatted tablet experience with a touch optimized layout.  Because the Pressly HTML5 apps are actually online users can still take advantage of SEO and web traffic in a way that’s not possible with apps from an app store.  This means that publications using Pressly will experience better user engagement and will benefit from the fact that readers can share content straight from their tablets.


Because Pressly is an automated solution, it means that content can be optimized for tablets without any extra work on behalf of publishers/bloggers and there is no need for any technical expertise to use it – meaning no extra learning to be done and no extra training costs to be taken into account.

Pressly is designed to work on the major blogging platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter and many other social feeds.  This will surely add to the popularity of tablets by offering a cleaner, more interactive browsing experience on a tablet.  With tablets struggling to make their mark compared with laptop PC’s, Pressly is offering an innovative solution at just the right time.

Roll up, Roll up!

Pressly is still in beta at the moment, but bloggers and publishers who are interested in getting in on the act can sign up to request an invite here.


Pressly was co-founded by Jeff Brenner and Peter Keiltyka and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.  The serial entrepreneurs have already enjoyed success with crowdreel (a service that enables users to search and share Twitter images) and nulayer (the parent company of both crowdreel and Pressly. 



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