A bit of data crunching shows the enormity of the number, $19 billion. Yes, 82 countries (and more) have a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) lesser than what Whatsapp is worth. I used Excel and the 2012 GDP data from WordBank’s site. The list is shown below.

What could have Facebook spent this on? Well, the UN annual aid budget is $13 billion. The UN Syria Aid Appeal is around $7 billion. How about relief for Philippine at around $6.5 billion. Just saying, to put things into perspective.

It is just mind boggling to see a 5 year old app that’s on your smartphone right now is worth more than these 82 countries listed below. If that doesn’t blow your mind, may be this will. Whatsapp is worth more than the last 25 countries GDP combined. Mind blown?

Some highlights: Nepal, Iceland, Brunei, Jamaica, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Mauritius have GDP’s lesser than what’s Whatsapp worth for. If I had $19 billion dollars to spend on an app, knowing my company’s doing a decent profit, I’d have helped people in the lower half of these countries. Especially the ones in Africa. They need it.

Country Name  GDP in Billions
Nepal  18,962,962,963
Honduras  18,434,022,403
Gabon  18,377,083,881
Equatorial Guinea  17,697,394,251
Bosnia and Herzegovina  17,465,958,606
Congo, Dem. Rep.  17,203,980,743
Brunei Darussalam  16,953,952,625
Georgia  15,747,288,816
Papua New Guinea  15,653,921,367
Jamaica  14,755,051,129
Botswana  14,504,339,386
Mozambique  14,243,717,484
Senegal  14,045,759,802
Cambodia  14,038,383,450
Congo, Rep.  13,677,928,884
Iceland  13,578,943,167
Namibia  13,072,278,943
Chad  12,887,072,082
Albania  12,648,095,824
Nicaragua  10,507,356,838
Mauritius  10,486,037,634
Burkina Faso  10,441,012,681
Mali  10,308,146,676
Mongolia  10,271,393,281
South Sudan  10,220,256,857
Madagascar  9,975,124,872
Armenia  9,950,522,733
Zimbabwe  9,802,360,203
Macedonia, FYR  9,612,518,136
Lao PDR  9,417,665,586
Malta  8,721,923,077
Bahamas, The  8,149,004,000
Haiti  7,843,484,458
Pacific island small states  7,810,192,972
Benin  7,557,286,829
Moldova  7,252,769,934
Rwanda  7,103,000,861
Tajikistan  6,972,163,026
Niger  6,773,185,511
Kyrgyz Republic  6,474,843,799
Kosovo  6,445,201,981
Guinea  5,631,621,298
Bermuda  5,473,536,000
Suriname  5,012,121,214
Montenegro  4,373,170,812
Malawi  4,263,794,984
Barbados  4,224,850,000
Mauritania  4,199,051,817
Fiji  3,907,563,305
Togo  3,813,834,650
Sierra Leone  3,796,030,045
Swaziland  3,744,472,287
Eritrea  3,091,837,398
Guyana  2,850,572,407
Burundi  2,472,384,864
Lesotho  2,447,573,299
Maldives  2,222,429,330
Central African Republic  2,184,181,391
Cabo Verde  1,827,021,562
Bhutan  1,779,561,112
Liberia  1,733,823,553
Timor-Leste  1,293,000,000
St. Lucia  1,238,640,741
Antigua and Barbuda  1,134,159,259
Seychelles  1,128,753,721
Solomon Islands  1,008,424,232
Gambia, The  917,292,053
Guinea-Bissau  822,321,032
Vanuatu  787,073,459
St. Kitts and Nevis  767,000,000
Grenada  766,510,727
St. Vincent and the Grenadines  712,588,889
Samoa  683,719,606
Comoros  595,900,353
Dominica  479,688,889
Tonga  471,575,497
Micronesia, Fed. Sts.  326,160,961
Sao Tome and Principe  263,398,378
Palau  228,415,735
Marshall Islands  182,400,000
Kiribati  174,984,469
Tuvalu  39,875,708

Technologies used

I used Excel to sift the data, a convertor to convert Excel format to a JSON array and finally Google Maps to display the map. All under 20 minutes. The idea was to help my readers put this number, $19 billion, into perspective. Thanks for reading.

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