A quadrotor is a helicopter, powered by four rotors, hence the name quadrotor. The quadrotor is an expensive but interesting toy to play with. Here is a list of the 7 cool things you can do with a quadrotor. Beware, manoeuvring these gadgets isn’t a pie in the cake. It requires concentration, focus and some great skills. You can support a KickStarter project here.

Build Things with Bricks

 1500 Polystyrene (super lite) Bricks, assembled into a sculpture by quadrotors. If these quadrotors can autonomously build this entire sculpture without any guide, Who is to say that with enough quadrotors and polystyrene bricks we couldn’t build an entire to scale model of Disney on some cheap farm land somewhere?

 Drone around the City

 With this mobile station, you can fly all around your town from your bedroom. Perhaps mount a laser on the front, that you can activate from the main station, because lets be honest – what’s the point of driving a quadrotor around your town if you’re not going to freak a couple people out?

 More here.

 3 Water Plants

 Equipped with a water tank, this Lockheed Martin contestant could be setup to automatically water any amount of land seamlessly, everyday. Refilling when necessary, this quad rotor may be seem flying around water plants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom hotel. Someone’s gotta water the ones hanging from the roof!

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 4 Kill Enemies

 FPS Russian did some inspiring of his own with this machine gun quadrotor, an ultra mobile killing machine. Unmanned drones may be the future versions of special ops. A black apparition, a flash of a bullet from the air, a dead body. Forensics just got that much harder.

 Video here.

 5 Air Water Land

This quadrotor turns into a vehicle to save energy when it needs to. Great for virtual cross-country trips. This cage allows for this quadrotor to be uncrashable, even in water. The energy savings from hybridation is very likely to manifest itself in multipurpose vehicles in the future.

 6 Quadrotor Light Show

 This laser show, entitled “Meet your Creator”, was delivered using ground lights, quadrotors mounted with swiveling mirrors. All one hundred percent automatic. Quite ingenious and inspiring. I believe quadrotors like this will be used to enhance many electronic concerts. By spraying water over the crowds, flying around with laser rigs, the possibilities are endless.

 Video here.

 7 Swarm Everything

Right now various Universities are experimenting with ways of getting multiple quadrotors to operate in sync. The result is the picture above. Perfect formation. Right now this can only be done in labs with certain lights around for positioning. In the future I imagine coordinated quadrotors being a part of high profile security details. Or simply the next way for your mom to get you that sandwich you left at home.

About Ryan Tesla

Ryan is an Electrical Engineering student that loves technology and industrial design. He can be found on the West Coast of Florida mad that quadrotors aren't delivering him tacos. Recent obsessions include the Rimac Concept One. Currently working on a start up that repairs electronics through local drop boxes,