There is a growing consensus that Microsoft, after dropping the ball spectacularly in the last decade, have come to the tablet party a little too late. The reception of their Surface Tablet RT was lukewarm; failing to remove the veil of uncertainty that surrounds the company.

Now, the software giant has released the Surface Pro tablet in a bid to further capture the public’s imagination and, more importantly, Apple’s market share.

However, there are still some problems with the new device. Here are the most obvious:

Too Heavy. The most glaringly obvious issue is the weight of the device. Tablets should be light, enabling easy browsing on the move. But, the new version of the Surface is even clunkier than its predecessor weighing in at a hefty 2lb. Of course, the idea of a tablet that doubles as a laptop is a great idea, however, the weight and practicality should never be compromised.

Battery Life.  Another draw back is the 4-hour battery life. This is an unfortunate consequence of the Pro’s Intel i-5 chip. There is no doubting the device’s power and capabilities, but this has obviously been at the expense of the battery life leading to problems for the user.

Kick Stand. While the implementation of the kick-stand is ostensibly innovative, its presence actually limits the usability of the tablet. While its presence makes the Surface distinct from the iPad, it means there is only one viewing angle while using it. Although, while there is no doubt that this particular feature is the future of mobile devices, more flexibility is needed.

Windows 8. Firstly, Microsoft needed an operating system that would adapt to the future of browsing- which is of course mobile. But, the Windows 8 is hardly the finished article. It is confusing and feels like two operating systems in one. And, considering the usability of Apple’s IOS, Microsoft will have to get it right with Windows 9.

Price. There were a few raised eyebrows when it was announced last year that the Surface was not going to undercut the iPad. In fact, one of the key criticisms that is consistently leveled at Apple is the extraordinary price of their products. But, instead of going cheaper, like the Google Nexus, Microsoft went down the expensive route, which undoubtedly hurt their RT sales. The Surface Pro is no different, retailing at $899 for the base model.

There are of course lots of good points to the device, not least its capabilities and power. The base model contains 64GB of storage, although much of that is taken up by the operating system and various applications. Another great feature is the USB 3.0 port enabling additional plug-ins such as external hard drives.

But, if Microsoft want to get in Apple’s faces, they need to refine the device and operating system fast, or they risk being left behind for good.

Written by Mark Hodge for Mr. Geek

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