Introducing our new product: Time™

At Mr. Geek, we have collaborated with the best technology experts to pioneer a new concept. This concept is known as the buy-time concept. For a package fee, we will give a fixed amount of time to you, so you can make use of our expertise for your needs. How does the buy-time concept work?

Well, it’s quite simple. We have 5 packages, ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours. You pay for the package which suits your budget and needs and once you buy the package, we can do just about anything in that period of time, from graphic design to web development to social media marketing. Off course, it has to make sense for example making an iPhone application in a 1 hour package would make no sense. So for that case, you’ll have to buy a package of packages (like 10 x 5 hour packages) and we’ll discount you as well.

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Diamond: 5 hours @ $75 USD

Golden: 4 hours @ $55 USD

Silver: 3 hours @ $45 USD

Bronze: 2 hours @ $35 USD

Plastic: 1 hour @ $20 USD