Ever seen Russian videos on Youtube or other video channels? Noticed a common thing in most of them? The use of Dash-cams. Today, a meteroite entered a Russian city and caused enough damage to injure 400 people, mostly by glass debris.

What was common in all of the meteor videos from Russia was that they were recorded from dash-cams installed on their car dashboards. That’s right. The question comes to mind, why do Russians use dash-cams obsessively, probably more than any other country in the world. Here’s why.

  1. Because of Insurance Fraud.
  2. Highlight Police Corruption.
  3. Many owners of buses and trucks deliberately buy them to control their drivers (in order they do not break rules, do not change schedule etc.
  4. Also there is this kind of hobby to reveal how government officials break the rules.
  5. And lastly, there’s this trend in Russia.

Now you know why so many Russians use dash-cams.


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