This is how Windows 8 might look like [Exclusive]

You know what? Something is cooking. Well, at least in Microsoft’s Headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Now, let us get to the point. The next big thing that awaits us in 2012 is going to be none other than Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest version of its super popular Operating System. Interestingly, what I am unveiling now is going to make you want to wait no more, because boy, this beast is really something, something big! Yes, that’s right! I am talking about the screenshots of what happens to be the UI or User Interface of the Microsoft Windows 8. Take a look at the Windows 8 UI (also called Metro) from different facets in this exclusive Mr. Geek blog post and when you’re done, don’t forget to Share/Tweet/Like.

Image Gallery of Windows 8 UI

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