What’s happening at Times Square on a Thursday night? You don’t know? You got to be kidding. Today, March 14th, is the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S4 and it’s going to be the biggest Android launch of the year, bar none. And it’s all happening in New York City’s Times Square. The event is going to take place at 11pm UK time and we are going to be covering it on our Facebook Page here, followed by a event summary on Mr. Geek. So are you ready for technology’s biggest event of the year so far? Here’s a rumor roundup.

  • High Definition 5 Inch screen with 13 MP camera
  • Eye Scrolling, which will allow users to scroll using eye movements
  • An 8 core processor (Snapdragon 600 or Exynos 5 Octa)
  • Samsung Orb, just like Google’s Photo Sphere
  • Samsung Wallet, just like Apple’s Passbook
  • Europe Release in April and US release in May/June

Will the Galaxy S4 be as successful as its predecessor, the S3? Only time will tell.

Fact of the day: Samsung spends more money on Marketing its mobile products than Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft and Coca-Cola combined spend on ALL their products.

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