Sick? Want do go to the Doctor? Of course you don’t! It’s a hassle and it’s expensive. Scout has got you covered. By combining available inexpensive technology with some proven biometric algorithms, Scanadu is aiming with $2 million in gun powder to lead the industry in Auto Home Diagnosis.

Elon Musk using Scanadu

Around the size of two square card scanners and just as smart, sleek and mobile, Scanadu’s Scout can read:

• Pulse transit time

• Heart rate (pulse rate)

• Electrical heart activity

• Temperature

• Heart rate variability

• Blood oxygenation (pulse oximetry)

How does it work?

Flow Chart How it works Scanadu

The results are sent to your smart phone, processed through a database, then the diagnosis is displayed, prompting you to either RUSH TO THE ER IMMEDIATELY or just drink a glass of orange juice because it will be over in the next day or two.

Founder Walter Brouwer hopes that this device can win the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize. The contest based on the search for a real life version of the Star Trek Tricorder, a handheld device that uses a detachable high resolution scanner to diagnose diseases and collect metrics a plethora of bodily metrics.

Scanadu is also working on ScanaFlo and ScanaFlu.

ScanaFlo analyzes urine to test for pregnancy complications, preeclampisa, gestational diabetes, kidney failure and urinary tract infections. ScanaFlu tests saliva to easily detect Strep A, Influenza A, Influenza B, Adenovirus and RSV.

Scout by Scanadu

One side benefit of using internet linked at home diagnosis is that out breaks can be tracked more effectively and people can take preventative measures.

Personally, I believe these devices provide a huge cost benefit if they can eliminate only one visit to the doctor but I feel that Scanadu is going about it wrong by separating the devices. We all know that home diagnosis will be common in the future. The person that will win the home diagnosis market will be the person that can get one small, handheld device to do that what all these devices do. What they need to do is to make a device called ScanaAll, which will be essentially an all-in-one home diagnosis device.

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