In 2010 Google introduced a feature that allowed users logged into their Google account to see a custom background image every time they logged onto the or regional variants. Following a recent announcement on their homepage, this feature will no longer be available as of 16 November, 2012. Google says that the reason for this change is that the current setup is preventing them from building “a more streamlined Google Search page for everyone.” Users who currently have a background will see an option to remove their background early, along with a link allowing them to download it for backup purposes.

The precise motives for this change are not clear, but Mr. Geek speculates that this will coincide with a major revamp of their search interface or possibly even their whole website. Google has made slight changes to their website over the years  in order to keep it looking modern, but it has retained the same essential design as it did when they first went live more than 15 years ago.

Updates have included higher resolution images and extensive usage of JavaScript and AJAX which have gradually given the website a more fluid and responsive feel. One of their biggest advancements was an AJAX method of beginning to search even before a person finishes typing their query, meaning results seem to appear almost instantly.

What will be in store next? What is Google hinting at with their removal of the background images? We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, what do you think they will change? Will there be any major new features? Let us know in the comments!

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