Cloud Computing and Health Sector

 Telcare: This US startup has built a cloud device that tracks diabetes. The device takes patients readings and transmits them to their private online database, which can be accessed by the customer or the doctor at will. In addition, the use of cloud technology has made it possible to use the collected data to build visual charts providing trends into the patient’s health. Also, the device has a mechanism to indicate when a doctor visit is required.  The device will come to the market soon and will cost around $150.

Whzan Telehealth Device: Whzan is a Telehealth device that let’s the patient’s data be transmitted over the Internet into the cloud; that is specially the data management system. The Whzan device allows patients to use the device after surgery to monitor their minute health levels. The Whzan device is capable to monitoring chronic conditions and new problem areas. It is also suitable for post-operative patients and pregnant mothers.  As mentioned earlier, the Whzan device is in constant communication with the Whzan Medical Hub via the Internet, updating and entering entries packaged with patient’s crucial health data.

 Qualcomm life: This device by Qualcomm offers a wireless health solution by capturing and delivering data to required portals or databases. It works in three steps. Firstly, it captures patient data using a cloud-ready device attached to a patient’s body. Secondly, it utilizes 3G technologies to transmit the data to the data center. Finally, the platform receives the patient’s data and makes it accessible for physicians. In addition, Qualcomm claims the data transmission process is encrypted for security purposes.




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