As you all know, 2012 is almost coming to an end. It has been a year mixed with smiles and tears, cries and laughs, happiness and sadness, innovation and discovery, victory and defeat and a lot more. At Mr. Geek, we believe it has been a special time, as 2012 is the year this blog came into existence. To rewind a little, let us take a glimpse into the recent past and see what pictures defined 2012.

Felix Baumgarter makes the Highest Jump from Space

The jump from Space

Gangnam Style becomes the most watched video on YouTube

Gangam Style becomes most watched Youtube video

Dragon becomes first commercial aircraft to rendezvous with the ISS


The farthest man made object Voyager 1 reaches the end of our Solar System

Voyager reaches end of solar system

Higgs Boson, a.k.a God particle, finally discovered

Higgs Boson Discovered

Land rover Curiosity successfully lands on Mars

Mars Curiosity Landing

Barrack Obama is re-elected for a historic 2nd term of Presidency

Obama Reelected for 2nd Term

The London 2012 Olympics

The Olympics 2012

FBI takes down Megaupload, causing freedom of information protests

Megaupload Shutdown

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel Palestine Conflict

Syria Protests

Syria Protests

Power grid failure leaves 600 million powerless in India

600 million without power in India

Hacktivist group Anonymous takes down major sites

Anonymous Hacktivist Group

Malala shot but survives, becomes world wide face for education rights

Malala Shot but Survives

US Cinema shootings on Batman premiere kill scores

Batman Shootings

Manchester City win the Premier League title for the first time

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers - Etihad Stadium

Occupy Wall Street protests globally

Occupy Wall Street

Facebook goes public in its much publicised IPO

Facebook goes Public

135 Pakistani soldiers buried alive in Siachen snow avalanche

Pakistani Soldiers die in Siachen

Italian Liner Concordia sinks, killing 15

Concordia Liner Sinks

John Carter becomes the biggest flop in cinema history, 200m USD

Greatest loss in cinema - 200 million for John Carter

Sachin Tedulkar of India becomes the first batsman to score 100 centuries

Tendulkar 100th Century

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