Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over a billion users and around 800 million active monthly users. Since you use it quite a lot everyday, there are a few things you might want to know. Perhaps a few cool tricks?

1. How to view a high resolution version of a target’s profile picture?

Sometimes you are trying to stalk someone who isn’t your friend or has set his/her profile picture to be un-clickable (i.e. only me). If that’s the case, then how do you view the target’s high quality profile picture. If you simply copy paste the image URL of the profile picture and view it in a new tab, it seems to be pixelated and low res. But the trick is quite easy. You can use the same image URL and strip of just one URI segment to allow you to see it in high quality. Here’s how.

Low Res:

High Res:

Remove the URI segment that says s320x320 and you can view the target’s profile picture in stunning high quality. Easy! Now obviously this trick is more suitable for un-clickable profile photos which may belong to your friends or the person being stalked.

2. How to figure out a Facebook Page name from a URL?

Suppose you have a photo/URL in your downloads folder and it is something like this:


How can you figure out what page does this photo belong to by just using the information provided in the URI segments of the respective URL. Well, if you are geeky enough and know how to code, you’d have figured it by now, but we will show it to you anyway. In the URL shown above, there are three sets of long numbers. We are interested in the 2nd one, starting with “101…”. This particular number is the Page ID of the Facebook Page. Using this ID, you can figure out where does the image originate from.

Using the Facebook Graph, we can simply do: This will give a lot of data about the particular Facebook page, including page title, page post, page images and a lot more.

3. Post a Blank Facebook Status Update

Although there is no real reason for posting a blank status update on Facebook, this trick is worth mentioning. To post a blank status, just paste this code into your status box and voila, there you go, you have now posted a blank status update. By the way, you can repeat this as many times as you want to get more blank space!

@[3:3: ]

4.  How to download entire Photo albums with a click?

With Facebook2Zip, you can download your entire Photo albums with a single click. You can also download your friend’s photo albums the same way. The photos are compressed into a zip package on the go and you need to install the Facebook2Zip app before using the service.

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