I got Graph Search on Day 4 (4 days after it released). I know most of you reading this are still waiting for it, or, worst case scenario, don’t know what Graph Search is.

Ok, so Graph Search is a search engine from Facebook that queries a minefield of data at core of Social Graph and brings it into perspective, giving search a more natural, semantic feel to it. So finding things like “Restaurants in London that my friends like” becomes easy as a click.

I have been using it for a while now and I am sorry to disappoint, but I believe its pointless. I know some Facebook fanatics might be pissed to hear this, but hey, this is my opinion and I am going to back it up with some facts.

First things first. See Mark, I really love your Graph Search, it helps me find girls near my area who like PHP (A programming language). I think that’s pretty cool and geeky. But wait? That’s pointless to me. I don’t need that. However, what Graph Search doesn’t do is basic text searching.For example, searching for specific words in comments or posts that I wrote (or received) isn’t possible.

Come on, that was the first thing I’d ever want in a search engine. A very basic feature. However, this Graph Search gives something else, like the ability to search people, places, things and photos.It’s cool and helpful to find new things, but what about the real searching, the things I already have? Can Graph Search find me all the comments and posts (received or written) that have word “geek” in them. No it can’t. It’s not powerful enough.

Graph Search is an excellent discovery engine built on top of an excellent social network, Facebook. No doubt about that. But no, some Facebook fanatics have gone far beyond my imagination and are actually comparing Graph Search with Web Search. Folks, I advise you to please get a life. Sergey Brin or Larry Page aren’t scared of Graph Search.

Why? Because Graph Search has, literally, nothing on Web Search.Web Search from Google helps you find a lot of things on the web and does some real searching like ‘keyword matching’. Facebook’s Graph Search in the meanwhile can’t do that (and its a walled garden, data confined within the limits of Facebook), or maybe it’s not designed to. Well if design is the case, the design is wrong.

Want another reason why Graph Search is pointless? You got it. So yeah, here’s another thing I must point out. Some Facebook fanatics have tried to come up with the notion that Graph Search will kill Yelp, LinkedIn and dating sites. Wrong! Yelp has a mobile app. Graph Search isn’t on mobile yet. People would still use Yelp for reviews and ratings of places around them.

Second up, LinkedIn. Facebook hardly has much professional data and I doubt people would ever use Facebook for job related matters. It’s a darn social network. Third up, dating sites. Not really, there are too many people on dating sites already than people using Graph Search (remember, a chunk of Facebook users access it on Mobile and Graph Search isn’t on mobile yet).

Moreover, Graph Search isn’t powerful enough, or maybe its pointless to even think of using it for dating. Why? Simply because it isn’t equipped with all the functionality of a dating site, say,

So what is Graph Search really? The bottom line is: Graph Search is a stalkers dream, a massive time wasting tool, a pointless so-called search engine and Facebook’s latest strategic product to up the ante on their crappy stock performances. That’s about it. Graph Search folks is pointless. At least the Beta version is.

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