The iOS is surely a remarkable piece of software and coupled with iPad’s cutting edge hardware, games just look strikingly beautiful. In this article, I am going to do mini-reviews of top 5 paid games for the iPad. I have an iPad 2 running iOS 5, so if you have an iPad 3rd gen, this should apply to you as well. However, folks with an iPad 1 might need to reconsider installing these games as they take a considerable amount of processing power.

Apple’s revolutionary App Store has changed the way we discover and experience great mobile applications. I am a big fan of games on my iPad 2 so I frequently check the App Store for upcoming releases. My 5 favorite paid games on the App Store are,in order, AirMail, Temple Run Brave, Real Racing 2, Angry Birds Space and Cut the Rope. Let me talk more about them below.

Air Mail Snap

1. AirMail is at the top of my list for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I love flight simulators. Although not exactly a flight simulation game, AirMail gives me this great feeling of flying an actual plane which is pretty cool. Secondly, the game play is coupled with a great story, which involves a rookie trainer being given a responsibility of mastering a propellor air plane while his master has been arrested.  Furthermore, AirMail is set in a fantasy land and believe me, the graphics are absolutely stunning. Click here to check out the trailer and get a feel of it. Costs: 2.99 pounds. Compatible on other iOS devices. It’s worth it!

Temple Run Brave

Temple Run: Brave

2. Temple Run: Brave. Well, no top iOS game list will be complete without the 2011-2012 blockbuster Temple Run by Imangi Studios. Now, with Disney’s Brave to hit theatres soon, Disney have hired Imangi Studios to create Temple Run Brave. It is basically the same exact game play with a different theme. In simpler words, Temple Run: Brave is same as the free Temple Run minus the environment and characters. For those of you who do haven’t played the free Temple Run – it’s basically a non-stop action game and the character keeps on running, avoiding hurdles/obstacles and during the process, gaining goodies/coins/prizes. The game ends when you are captured by the mad animals running behind you or if you fall off path.

By the way, I just researched and found out that Imangi Studios is a 3 person company, boasting 2 husband and wife programmers and an artist. Hmm, not bad for a 3 person company, Imangi Studios is surely racking up thousands of dollars with Temple Run: Brave, banking on their previous App Store success of the free Temple Run. Click here for the trailer. Costs: 0.69 pounds. Compatible on other iOS devices. Recommended: iPad 2nd/3rd gen. 

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2

3. Real Racing 2 is the like playing Gran Turismo on your iOS device. It is by far the best driving simulator available on the App store. It has a career mode, time trial and online multiplayer racing mode. In addition, if you have Real Racing 2 across multiple Apple devices like iMac, iPhone and iPad, you and your friends can compete over WiFi network. I have so far completed 56% of the game on career mode and it is absolutely thrilling on the iPad 2. The graphics are crisp, the physics accurate and the game play exhilarating. Words do not justify Real Racing 2′s class. That’s why it’s number 3 on my top games list. Click here for the trailer. Costs: 2.99 pounds. Compatible on other iOS devices. Recommended: iPad 2nd/3rd gen.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

4. Angry Birds Space. Tell me the most popular mobile game franchise of all time with 100+ million copies sold. Right. Angry Birds. No list is ever complete without Angry Birds, created by the famed Finnish company Rovio. The lastest version of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Space is set in space (obviously). The only big difference from the earlier releases of the game is the stunning physics that incorporates the environment in space, new angry bird super powers and cooler graphics. I haven’t played Angry Birds Space lately, but if I can recall correctly, it is addictive. Click here for the trailer. Costs: 0.69 pounds. Compatible on other iOS devices.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

5. Cut The Rope is another cool addition to the App Store. The game boasts an excellent physics engine with a marvellous game play. With endless levels, the objective of the game is to cut the ropes at certain points for the frog to be able to eat the candy. With each level, the game gets more complex as it requires a sound understanding of motion and logic in order to deal with the hurdles in place, which make the game much more interesting. Your knowledge of physics might come in handy, specially momentum, torque and circular motion. Click here for the trailer. Costs: 0.69 pounds. Compatible on other iOS devices. 

Conclusion: Long story short, the games are stunning, thanks to amazing graphics, gameplay and the excellent use of iPad’s motion sensor. Furthermore, I believe these games are most fun when played on an iPad, although they are playable on any iOS device such as iPhone or iPod Touch. Moreover, some people just want freebies, but if you are looking for some top notch games, you got to pay the price and trust me, it’s not a lot – imagine the amount of time and effort it takes the developers to come up with such popular hits. Therefore, paying the small price is a good way to support them. Last, if you think I missed out a popular game title on my list or the order of my list was different than what you though, do comment below.

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