Now let me keep this short. There is a folder in the iOS 7 Beta 4 developer content called the BiometricsUIKit.axbundle. Now what does that mean? It simply means, the next Apple phone, the iPhone 5S as it is expected to be called, will feature a fingerprint scanner. That’s all.

I wrote a post about it on my Facebook a while ago. The gist is, the next iteration of the Apple iPhone will feature a fingerprint scanner. Yes, it’s real now! The possibility of a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone surfaced when Apple acquired Biometrics company AuthenTec last year (2012).

Being optimistic, let’s expect a fingerprint scanner on the home button sooner or later. I am hoping we see this clarified on the September 2013 event. A friend said, “what if it’s just the facial recognition” as a reply to my timeline post. I showed him the image below which is an .xml file that lies inside the folder.


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