The iOS 7 has a lot of great features, but the parallax animation is my least favorite. Why? Well, because it makes everything so slow, at least by a 1.5 seconds. Guess what, you’re in for luck. With version 7.0.4, you can choose to disable it. I am serious. You’ll love the speed.

I’ll keep this tutorial short and use animation to show you how to turn it off. But to appreciate the disabling of this slow parallax animation effect, let’s first take a look at it. Yes, I have done the hard work to make sure you don’t have to read a lot of text. So scroll down and watch the screen capture below. Yep, that’s the (slow, for me) parallax animation effect. Now, want to disable it? Cool, scroll down and I’ll show you how.

Disabling the iOS 7 parallax animation

It’s so easy to disable the effect. Just do Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion (tap once). Boom, you’re done.

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