It has come to our knowledge, here at Mr. Geek, that Google is expected to release its Maps app for iOS on the App Store sometime tonight.  As you might already know, Apple Maps has faced a massive backlash since its release a couple of months ago, causing much anger and fury for iOS users. But guess what? Apple has listened and is bringing back Google maps back on the iOS.  The Apple Maps debacle has been so deep, it has sent ripples in the Apple board room, with the recent exit of iOS head Scot Forstall proving this statement. Simply put, he was fired dammit!

The news of Google Maps coming back on iOS tonight is based on a insider story from AllThingsD which you can read here. There has been a speculation that Google Maps is going to compete directly with Apple Maps, and will bring out newer features like turn-by-turn directions, which it previously lacked. Although we are not sure of the slew of features Google Maps is going to boast when it comes back on iOS, we sure do know its going to cause a sigh of relief from the already-fuming iOS users, who hate Apple Maps to an extent that there are Internet memes dedicated to this matter. Well, whatever be it, we have to wait and see tonight. Ciao.

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