The search for the best browser is never-ending. Whenever i think I’ve found the be-all-and-end-all of browsers, another one eventually comes out that trumps it. If you use a Mac, Camino could be a great browser for you, I know I love it.Once you realize that Safari is essentially the Internet Explorer of OS X, you start to download alternative browsers. Being a web developer, I have all the major browsers on my system: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, plus Camino. Google Chrome is still the flagship browser—the ultimate easy-to-use, feature-rich and customisable experience—but it’s the opposite of lightweight, and tends to bog down my computer if I leave it running with too many tabs open for too long.

Therefore, for a lot of my browsing, I’ve always used Firefox and Opera. Opera is the lightest, but lacks some support for CSS3 and HTML5,

Camino Download Window
Camino Download Window

while Firefox is still very lightweight compared to Chrome, but tends to freeze from time to time. Now, introducing: Camino. Camino started as a fork of Firefox 3 to be developed specifically with the Macintosh operating system in mind.

Camino is beyond doubt the lightest and fastest web browser I’ve ever used. Unfortunately it lacks some essential features (like Mozilla add-ons) so it doesn’t completely replace other browsers, but with features like autocomplete, keychain access, tab overview, an incredibly useful download window and the most recent Gecko rendering engine, it comes pretty damn close. For casual browsing, checking e-mails/Facebook and other general purposes it is perfect. It reacts instantly to all my commands, and has never crashed on me once.

I highly recommend that all Mac users, especially if you have one on the lower end of processors speeds, at least try out Camino. You can download the disc image from their website at

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